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At FUSE Realty, regardless of whether you’re a first time buyer or seasoned professional commercial investor, our team will empower you with in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, community, pricing, and powerful negotiation skills.

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At FUSE Realty, we treat every transaction like it is our own. Your success means our success! We’ll help you realize the highest value for your property by pricing right and ensuring maximum market exposure and property visibility.


Railtown & Tuscan Square Grande Prairie Logos

Railtown is located on the East side of Resources Road and South of 92 Avenue. We wish to attract the many small businesses in industries such as finance, insurance and engineering services; retail and restaurants; trade showrooms and any small businesses for a location in which they can establish their business in the manner they want.

About Fuse

Fuse Realty is built on the foundation of our relationships. It is the building blocks, the bridges and the connections that we strive on as a company. It is the spark. It is the great inferno of success in every deal that we look to ignite.

At Fuse Realty, we work as a team, we treat every transaction like it is our own. We treat clients like family from the second they walk in our door and never let that go. A client’s success means our success! We help clients realize the highest value of their property by pricing right and ensuring maximum market exposure and property visibility. When Fuse Realty is hired on for a deal, a client is hiring the whole team, because our goal as a business is to put our talents together as a collective, and to gain experience and knowledge from everything that we do, it is with this belief that we will never cease to move forward.

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I want to thank Fuse Ventures for all your help and solid advice regarding my commercial property purchase. I couldn’t have done it without you. Buying out my landlord and putting my rent money into owning my own property was a dream, and I can’t believe how quickly you found other investors to help my dream become a reality! Fuse Ventures put a great investment plan together and brought outside investors to secure the entire purchase. They made all the connections to the bank on my behalf, negotiated a GREAT finance package with them, AND started up the property holding company for me and the other investors and even helped us prepare our new lease to ourselves. They really provided a start to finish package that resulted in my family owning 50% of the building with a LOT less capital down than I expected! This was my first commercial building purchase so I was a little intimidated, but your team handled virtually all of the process and took away most of the stress. I will definitely be looking at other opportunities, and using Fuse Ventures for their services in the future!

Troy Plamondon
Western Auto & Imports
I recently was presented with an interesting situation regarding a foreclosure on a commercial property. I was in a position that could potentially put me at an advantage as far as being able to purchase the property before it was officially listed for sale. I recognized my opportunity, but didn’t know what to do next. I called Dale Williams for advice, knowing that there probably wasn’t an opportunity for him in this particular situation, but that he would offer assistance regardless. I explained the situation and he enlightened me to a few possibilities which I hadn’t considered, all of which helped my position and put him further away from the deal at the same time. He then took it a step further to make some specific inquiries for me and has continued to follow up with me on the matter. It was obvious to me that he was truly curious about this deal from a professional nature, expecting to learn something from it, which speaks volumes about his passion for his work. I have been extremely impressed and grateful for his expert advice and genuine enthusiasm to help me get this deal done and would rank his character as an easy 10. I would recommend Mr. Williams’ services to anyone who is “Looking for a Home for their Business”
Dave Doyle
Organo Gold

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